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The first ever Academy
of Switchcraft and Stealery !

An event centered around switch and steal classes... With a magic twist !

Become a complete dancer

Classes on secondary role, switching, stealing

and creativity !

A switch and steal madness

Dedicated time every night where everyone switches and steals ! Embrace the madness !

Tailored for everyone

No minimum level required

Switching and stealing are fully optional during parties !

Whether a veteran switcher or a complete beginner, you will enjoy SwitchXperience Paris !

Join one of three Tribes in a weekend-long contest !

Earn points for your Tribe by doing all sorts of activities :

daily classes

Social dancing
all night

Participating in competions

Placing in

Your teachers will of course participate in that contest as well ! Winning will require a group effort !

The colours of the winning team will be displayed all through next year's edition of the event ! As you can see, sweetchers won last year.

Your victory will not be easily forgotten...

Getting to know your Tribes

The students are sorted into three Tribes : the sugary Sweetchers, the crafty Rolemorphers and the mysterious Moonshifters.

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